Interior home doors range

Door collections for homes are designed to embellish rooms and match the furniture or simply to make the best use of space, surface colours and structural requirements.

The ability to customise them in every aspect, from size to colour, from frame to glossy or matt lacquer, provides versatility for any situation. This is where our craftsmanship, creativity and commitment to offering perfect, tailor-made, unique products come into play.

Each model can be made with any type of opening: the door you are looking for your home can therefore be concealed, with a recessed handle, with a magnet closure or a ‘ghost’ hinged door. The selection always depends on taste, space and decor.

From raw materials to the front door

The quality of a door starts with the material used to create it: we have always used high-quality timber from responsibly managed forests and we are known for the quality of the design, the cut, the design choices and the customisation options. Another sign of Vertaglia Porte’s quality is the construction of the solid perimeter and the coating with high quality wood veneer or hand-made lacquer. These choices allow our products to stand the test of time, moisture and the many complications that easily ruin an ordinary door.

Let’s design the doors of your home together

We know it is not easy to find the perfect door, but when there are special structural requirements, the choice becomes even more difficult. Yet, with the many customisation options and our long experience behind us, we are sure we will find the perfect customised door for you, the one that makes the most of your space, blends perfectly with your decor and is descreet. Come and discover the interior door collections for your home in our showrooms or view our catalogue online

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Design and customisation

Minimal, eye-catching, discreet, clean, elegant, the possibilities are endless, and each model can be painted, coated or lacquered as desired. This allows our doors to fit seamlessly into any room of the house. Some are designed to be almost unnoticeable, such is the case with sliding hinged doors in which jambs and cover frames disappear without invading a single centimetre of the room and emphasise the interior atmosphere. Then there are the more striking ones made to be admired. Some of them follow retro styles or display leather and aluminium inserts, sometimes contrasting with lacquer, matt or glossy depending on taste and the style of the walls and floors inside the house.