Vertaglia Porte

from a small workshop to modern enterprise

Our story began in 1963 in Santarcangelo di Romagna in a small carpentry workshop, the kind you don’t see any more.

This is where we learnt how to work with wood, how to cut it and above all how to recognise quality wood that lasts over time. When the time came to specialise, we did not shy away and chose to manufacture interior doors. It was something we liked and we believed we could make a relevant contribution. Time has proved us right.


And here we are today, talking about innovation and technology. The family is still the same, just larger thanks to collaborators and professionals without whom it would be impossible to bring Vertaglia Porte products into homes and hotels all over the world.


We have invested heavily in research, materials and technologies, as we believed – as we still do now – that quality is much more than a value. That’s a promise.
With the arrival of new CNC machines and new workers, we kept growing every day.

As we grew, our doors became increasingly sophisticated, durable and functional.

Home range and Hotel range

Studies in engineering and design combined with the option of customising every aspect of the doors,
have led to the creation of two product lines: one intended for homes and one for
accommodation facilities. Today we make products of all shapes and sizes, adding accessories,
tailor-made technologies and solutions that make everyday life easier for companies and private individuals.

We fit security doors, fire doors and interior doors in any setting: from small homes to the large residences, from individual hotels to hotel chains. We also work with public venues, schools, theatres, administrations and any place where quality and certified security doors are required.

Why choose Vertaglia Porte?



Fine materials, handcrafted workmanship and an artisanal approach to work.


100% custom-made doors: sizes, shapes, styles, colours and technologies.

Production price

Buy direct from the manufacturer, benefiting from experience, quality and customisation.


You can choose wood from well-managed and responsible forests.


To each their own door. At times it is a question of measurements, shapes, handles, materials or technologies. That is why we support our clients in the selection and customisation of the project, analysing the intended environment, aesthetic and functional needs. The end result is always a perfect door.
Safe, high-quality, durable.

Choose your door

Servicing and after-sales

Damage and unforeseen events are something no one likes, especially when they are caused by third parties or natural disasters. But our technicians are always at the service of private individuals, companies and hotels to promptly restore products after breakdowns or unforeseen events.

Headquarters and showroom

Vertaglia Porte is still based in Santarcangelo di Romagna, where it was established back in 1963. Over time we have grown and opened a showroom in Cattolica at Via Emilia Romagna 223, telephone +39 320 0504131.
Servicing and after-sales