Interior doors for hotels

For durability, impact resistance, enhancing the decor of rooms and corridors. To protect. To protect. The collection of interior doors for hotels was inspired by these imperatives and is enhanced by a line of elegant, antique, minimalist or refined products, all customisable in style, size and accessories.

Every hotel has its own story to tell and for each meaning there is a style of furniture to design and a door to match, one that will enhance guests’ expectations and ensure their full privacy and security. Hotel room doors are also soundproofed up to 42 decibels, which isolates the interior from noise from corridors or other rooms.

Security and quality: EI doors for hotels

The interior door collections for hotels and accommodation facilities, also include fire doors up to 120 minutes, which are of course certified according to the latest security regulations. An EI door is not only a legal requirement, but also an opportunity to coordinate your own style: customisable like any other Vertaglia Porte product, they become elements of decor and guarantee the security of your guests and your facility.

The peephole on the hotel fire door

A significant benefit we offer hotels is the inclusion of the peephole in EI 60 doors. A line of certified fire doors, which can withstand up to 60 minutes and are equipped with an accessory increasingly in demand by hotel chains.

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Accessories for the interior hotel doors

Details always make a difference, both aesthetically and functionally. The lock can be manual or electronic, of course, but it needs to durable and easy for anyone to use. Paying close attention to the user-friendliness of the products is decisive in ensuring quality and durability. The same applies to handles and knobs: they must be firm, reliable and durable.

Other important accessories for the interior doors of a hotel are:

  • the corner protector frame, which protects the door and frame from knocks and bumps often caused by suitcases;
  • the draft shield strip, which further improves the acoustic insulation of the door;
  • the peephole, which is always very appreciated by hotel clients;
  • door closers and panic bars, available in different models;
  • the capitals, which enhance the frame and aesthetics of each door.